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Who receives it: Zakat

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When do we give it: Zakat

5 Pillars: Zakat (Almsgiving) • 7m 43s

Up Next in 5 Pillars: Zakat (Almsgiving)

  • Who receives it: Zakat

    There are those who must pay Zakaat (almsgiving) and those who are eligible to receive it. Sh. Abdullah Oduro covers both groups of people in this video, highlighting the mercy of Allah's wisdom in dispersing wealth.

  • Where do we give it: Zakat

    here isn’t a specific place that a Muslim must pay Zakat in. Sh. Abdullah Oduro presents options for where and to whom you can pay it.

  • Zakat Al-Fitr

    Zakat Al-Fitr is tied to the end of Ramadan. Its circumstance and requirement is different than Zakat of the wealth. Discover the details of this special Zakat with Sh. Abdullah Oduro.