Allah Loves

Allah Loves

To know you are loved by God is one of the greatest gifts of faith. In "Allah Loves..." Sh. Omar Suleiman explores who and what Allah loves so that we may become those who are beloved to Him.

Allah Loves
  • Episode 1: Piety

    The most frequent reference in the Qur'an to the love of Allah is in relation to Taqwa, piety. In this episode, we explore what piety is and how to attain it.

  • Episode 2: Repentance

    Every single one of the Children of Adam is a sinner.” But no matter how far down we fall, it’s never outside of the bounds of Allah’s love and mercy. In this episode, we review how the process of repentance is actually meant to strengthen your relationship with Allah.

  • Episode 3: Excellence

    You don’t just want to love Allah, you want to be in love with Allah. While Taqwa keeps us on track with our obligatory duties, excellence is going the extra mile and earning more of Allah’s love in the process.

  • Episode 4: Angelic Praise

    What are the two expressions that are light on the tongue, heavy in our scales, and beloved to the Most Merciful? In this episode, we identify the words with which Allah loves to be praised, and how angelic they actually are.

  • Episode 5: Sincere Supplication

    Allah loves to hear your voice. Not only does praising Him bring you closer to Him - so does your asking of Him. In this episode, we talk about the greatest answer to a sincere supplication.

  • Episode 6: Those Who Are Trying

    Sh. Omar Suleiman discusses the importance of always being in the process of repentance even when we feel ashamed to turn back to Allah.

  • Episode 7: Tears and Traces

    The eyes shed tears of brokenness and vulnerability and the body shows signs of wear and tear. This episode discusses how enduring physical discomfort in pursuit of good makes us beloved to Allah.

  • Episode 8: Trust

    There are times in our lives when no matter how much we pray and repent, things just don’t seem to go right. This episode explores how we can maintain trust in Allah, even during the most difficult times in our life.

  • Episode 9: Patience

    Most people who enter Jannah will not do so because of a good deed they committed, but because of the patience they showed during hardship. We review the different forms of patience beloved to Allah.

  • Episode 10: Justice

    When we speak about justice, we often think about rulers, authority, or governments. However, we’re given several opportunities each day to either be a vehicle for justice or to uphold it in our own immediate lives.

  • Episode 11 Beneficial People

    Serving as a vehicle of Allah's love to someone else's life is one of the best ways to earning His love yourself. This episode provides different ways we can be beneficial to others.

  • Episode 12: Strength

    "In all of them is good". Both strong and weak believers are capable of receiving Allah's love. However, strength is especially beloved by Him. This episode explains why.

  • Episode 13: Independence

    Allah loves the person who, even in his/her most difficult situations, tries to be as self-sufficient as possible. In this episode, we explore the importance of adapting a mindset of independence.

  • Episode 14: Healthy Pride

    Pride was the downfall of Satan and has caused the collapse of entire nations. So how can pride be loved by Allah? This episode explains the unique type of self-confidence favored by Him.

  • Episode 15: Honor

    There is a protective honor that Allah loves that is distinguished from jealousy and doesn’t descend into suspicion. It’s not envy over this world, but motivated by the pursuit of the hereafter.

  • Episode 16: Gentleness

    "Allah is Gentle and He loves gentleness in all affairs." This episode illustrates the example of Prophet Muhammad's composure and gentleness with those who taunted him, even at the height of his power.

  • Episode 17: Humility

    Similar to pride, humility can either be a positive or negative attribute. This episode compares the two types of humility and how to apply healthy humility in the world today.

  • Episode 18: Forbearance and Deliberation

    Forbearance and deliberation flow from the same fountain. This episode tells a special story about the Prophet Muhammad and his companions to illustrate Allah's love for these two qualities.

  • Episode 19: Due Diligence

    If you have due diligence in your work ethic, it speaks to a greater sense of excellence and motivation. This episode discusses how we can apply this quality to our work in the same way we apply it in our worship.

  • Episode 20: Consistency

    Most people experience a drop off after Ramadan. This episode provides tips on how to remain consistent to show Him your love and earn it in return.

  • Episode 21: Punctual Prayer

    If consistency is the most beloved quality of good deeds, then what is the most beloved good deed? This episode discusses prayer, the most fundamental pillar of Islam, and what makes punctual prayer in particular so special to Allah.

  • Episode 22: Cleanliness

    "Cleanliness is half of faith". This episode defines purity beyond the ritual of wudu (ablution).

  • Episode 23: The Mosques

    The most beloved of places to Allah is the mosque. This episode describes the importance of the masjid and why no other place can replace the role it should have in our lives.

  • Episode 24: Love

    As we've seen through this series, Allah loves many things. But he also loves love itself! This episode discusses the most beloved form of love to Allah - love for His sake.