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Episode 1: Risking Judgement to Please Allah

Attaching To Allah

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  • Episode 2: When People Reject You

    Slander. Ridicule. Humiliation. The wounds of unwarranted, harsh criticism and rejection from others can be too painful to process. But prophets Ibrahim (as) and Muhammad (s) are prime examples showing not only how to effectively deal with those moments of pain at the hands of others, but how to ...

  • Episode 3: Safe in Allah's Hands

    We will be afraid. Allah promises that we will be tested with fear—from circumstances, from people, from many other things in life. But He also promises us safety. Through praying, fasting, giving da’wah, and making du’a, we can feel safe in the knowledge that we are in the Hands of the Ultimate ...

  • Episode 4: When Instability Shakes You

    We all know that God has promised to test us with loss. And so, our lives can be unpredictable - losing family members, possessions, and most of all: stability. Prophet Ibrahim’s (as) story of being a perpetual refugee gives us some beautiful insights on finding stability in Allah regardless of t...