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Episode 7: Who is the Coolness of Your Eyes?

Attaching To Allah

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    Every single person in the grave has things they wish they could have done or seen before death came to them. The Prophet (s) called these “long hopes” — dreams that you have that can never materialize because life ends. But the fruits of the seeds you’ve planted may materialize after your death....

  • Episode 9: Prospective is Everything

    Is contentment possible in this life? Yes, and it’s all a matter of perspective. In the story of the wives of Isma’il (as), we see that two people, in the same exact circumstance, had entirely different experiences. The only difference was in their mindset, and this is true for us as well. Do we ...

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    Jealousy and envy are notoriously recognized as emotions that can be difficult to deal with. But, they’re natural feelings that must be kept in check. How can you ensure that you’re not attached to what other people possess? And how do you keep a healthy balance of improving your life without com...