Award Winning Short Films

Award Winning Short Films

Award Winning Short Films
  • The Present

    As a part of USHUB's Season of Giving with LaunchGood, you can directly contribute to social causes relevant to stories that shed light on
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    The Present sheds light on the realities experienced by Pale...

  • Delay

    A man and his two children are late for their flight. While they wait for the next flight something happens that changes his point of view about being a father.

  • The Drone and The Kid

    A lonely Pakistani boy finds the camera device from a crashed U.S. military drone and is able to finally get the attention he craves when he discovers it's still able to transmit to the American drone operator on the other side.

  • Sacrilège

    Saoud is the king of his neighborhood in Saint Etienne, France. A rumor comes up that he might have stolen money from the local mosque.

  • Henet Ward

    Shot inside just one Egyptian household, the short film ‘Henet Ward’ captures the struggles that refugees in Egypt experience in very private and intimate settings. It follows their footsteps throughout their journey, presenting a very raw and real visual experience that touches on the subtle an...