Aya and Yusuf

Aya and Yusuf

Aya and Yusuf are two adorable and adventurous 6-year-old twins with a passion for exploring the world around them. The series focuses on embracing family values such as helping those in need, accountability, gratitude, protecting the environment, and celebrating God’s creations.

Aya and Yusuf
  • Episode 1: Kind Words

    Aya and Yusuf use the power of kind words to help and encourage the chickens, Jawad the horse, and Nunu the bunny solve their problems around the farm.

  • Episode 2: Tea and Honey

    When Aya and Yusuf are feeling ill, Grandma and Grandpa make them a healing tea with healthy ingredients. Then the grandparents feel ill, and the twins know exactly what to do.

  • Episode 3: Nature's Balance

    The twins discover an abandoned campground that is harming the environment, and decide to clean it up with the help of their family and animal friends.

  • Episode 4: Waste Not

    During a time of drought on the farm, Mama and Baba show the twins how to conserve water and food – using just the right amount.

  • Episode 5: Teamwork

    Mama, the twins, and their animal friends plant a crop in the garden and learn about the value of working together.

  • Episode 6: Strive to Succeed

    Aya and Yusuf help Baba build a new windmill for the farm. When their hard work is blown away, they learn a valuable lesson about determination and striving for success.

  • Episode 7: Patience & Perseverance

    Aya and Yusuf persevere to master difficult tasks, while waiting patiently for a seed they planted to sprout new life.

  • Episode 8: Nature's Interventions

    Baba takes Aya and Yusuf on a tour around the farm, highlighting things from nature that inspired human inventions.

  • Episode 9: Trusts

    The twins learn about responsibility and trust when they are given Grandpa’s watch to play with, and Grandma’s secret to keep.

  • Episode 10: Fairness

    The twins must exercise fairness to resolve disputes between the animals on the farm, which has changed and grown over the course of their adventures.