Best of Noor Kids

  • Day 3: Discover the Beauty of Islam

    Sometimes, when you discover something special, you want to share it with the world.

    Imam Suhaib Webb discovered Islam in 1992. And, after seeing is beauty, he has been on a mission to tell people about it ever since. Join us as we learn about the beauty of Islam.

  • Day 10: Words are Sharper than Swords

    What is stronger -- a sword or a word?

    Amal Kassir, a poet, would say a word. Amal has travelled the world, delivering lines of poetry that touch people's hearts. She was born and raised in Colorado, and she helps spread the message of Islam through her words.

  • Day 21: Preparing For Laylatul Qadr

    During the last ten nights of Ramadan, there is one night known as the "Night of Power."

    This one, single, night is greater than 1,000 months.

  • Day 14: The Women of Paradise

    There are four blessed women who are known as the "Women of Paradise."
    Who are they? What were they like? And! How can we learn from them?

    With Special Guest : Dr. Rania Awaad

  • Day 17: Life In The NBA as a Muslim

    Many of us have dreams to someday become a professional athlete!

    Well, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf actually did it. He was one of the best players in the NBA. He played toe-to-toe against Michael Jordan.

    But, then he decided to stand up against injustice... and traded it all away.
    Join us as we learn a...

  • Day 23: Life In Congress as a Muslim

    Keith Ellison is the Attorney General for the State of Minnesota. He was one of the first-ever Muslims elected into the United States Congress.

    Today, we will be sharing about his journey, and how Islam has helped him become a public servant.