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Films and Series Coming to USHUB!

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  • The Secret Attic

    A new USHUB Original from the Little Believers.

  • Watan

    Watan is a film that looks beyond rhetoric and into the human cost of the Syrian refugee crisis. Intimate portraits of refugees in the camps and cities of Jordan reveal a very human struggle for normalcy and dignity in a situation that is anything but.

  • A New Me

    A New Me dives into the lives of several individuals and their spiritual journeys on their path to embracing Islam.

  • Companions of the Verses

    The stories of the Holy Qur'an are the stories that God Almighty told in the Qur'an about the conditions of past nations, past prophecies, and accidents.

    The Quran included many facts about the past and the history of previous nations, their virtues & faults to set moral examples for everyone,...

  • Joy of Eid

    Eid is the spring that blooms in the hearts of all believers. From the time of our Prophet (PBUH) to the present day, every heart illuminated by the Islamic sun is filled with joy when it comes to eid. Children are delighted, parents, relatives, neighbors, and orphans are visited. Happiness is sh...

  • Hajj in times of Pandemics

    The world has been shaped by major incidents that redefined its very essence, how we perceive and approach things. Difficult times filled with strife molded the people who endured them.

    Especially with the spread of diseases being a recurring element, showing neither preference nor favor to anyo...