Dinner Insha-Allah?

Dinner Insha-Allah?

“Dinner Inshallah-Allah” is a national food docuseries in the US that explores the stories of Muslim American communities through their relationship to halal food and restaurants. Each episode follows visits to various local restaurants, businesses, and ethnic enclaves, providing a myriad of unique perspectives and experiences from the vibrant flavors of this rapidly growing faith-based community.

Dinner Insha-Allah?
  • Bay Area

    Amal Dalmar explores one of California's oldest and most bountiful halal food scenes: the San Francisco Bay Area. Join Amal as she tells the unique stories of Muslim America by delving into the most vibrant and tastiest halal restaurants.

  • Los Angeles

    Amal travels to Los Angeles, where she takes a dive into it’s rich history and many flavors at some of the oldest and newest halal restaurants that the City of Dreams has to offer.

  • San Diego

    Amal Dalmar returns home to San Diego, one of the most diverse cities in the US, with some of the largest refugee communities. Join Amal as she shows us that San Diego is much more than a surfer beach city, with a halal restaurant scene that is second to none.

  • Orange County

    On our final stop for this season, Amal explores the sprawling affluent region of Orange County. Join Amal as she looks at the hidden side of the OC and what makes it one of the most vibrant halal food scenes in California.