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Episode 3: Beautiful Jamila

Future's Folktales

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  • Episode 4: Goul's Cave

    Saad and Saleh are brothers living in Najd. God blessed Saad with wealth, while Saleh despite his poverty was blessed with kindness and gentleness that his brother lacked. One day Saleh's sons get sick and he is in a dilemma because he is unable to find medicine for them, so he resorts to the las...

  • Episode 5: Thafer the Hero

    God has blessed the boy Thafar with great physical strength, and abundant health. He alone was able to carry out tasks the are undoable by men. Thafer initially used his power to help others, but arrogance took over him until it seemed to affect his morals in dealing with people. His grandfather ...

  • Episode 6: Magical Rebec

    Sahar loves playing and having fun with other children, more than the embroidery her mother is trying to teach her. One day, Sahar comes out to play with the children as usual, when she suddenly hears the sound of a Rebec playing and notices a number of villagers walking like they are taken somew...