Half My Faith, All My Struggle

Half My Faith, All My Struggle

Watch as Narrator Suzie Frances Garton, goes over a bright cast of individuals that live in the UK and are aspiring professionals who are looking to settle down and find the right person, while also balancing their religion with the expectations from future potential partners.

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Half My Faith, All My Struggle
  • Episode 1: Marriage & Faith

    Suzie Frances Garton narrates the story of Matloob and his search for a wife, this episode focuses on the highs and lows of a British Muslim looking to get married in this current day and age.

  • Episode 2: Finding Your Soulmate

    Suzie Frances Garton, continues her narration on Matloob and Isra, who are still searching to complete Half their Faith.

  • Episode 3: Cultural Marriages

    This episode introduces Zain Hussein, a young professional looking to tie the knot ; as well as showing how muslims in western countries balance practical life with religion.

  • Episode 4: Happily Ever After

    This episode continues on Zain and Aicha's stories of searching for their life partner to complete half their faith ; also discuss the concept of being "happily ever after" and what that means for modern day muslims.

  • Episode 5: Ticking The Boxes

    This episode introduces Kafeela, a person who was recently divorced and how she is trying to put the pieces back together and trying to get married again.

  • Episode 6: Setting The Bar Too High

    Matloob and Kafeela finally meet for the first time. This episode also focuses on the concept of "setting the bar too high" this phrase implies that if you ask for too many conditions you may not exactly get what you want

  • Episode 7: Following Your Career & Religion

  • Episode 8: What's The Rush

    This episode continues with Yassa the young DJ and facing the reality that he may not necessarily find a muslim woman that may be accepting of his lifestyle as a popular DJ who attracts a lot of "attention."

  • Episode 9: Pursuit Of Happiness

    This episode introduces Nazia, a 38 year old professional in the Medical Industry , who goes over her story and discuss the "pursuit of happiness" and how people want to achieve happiness in their lives through a fulfilling marriage and kids.

  • Episode 10: Finding Love in Friendship

    This episode further goes into Nazia's story as she describes difficulty when it has come to managing her health and weight. Also touches on how many people may find true love in friendship.

  • Episode 11: Disabled Dating

    This episode introduces Jamil Khan, as he tells his inspirational story about dealing with his disability and still having great experiences in life. But also discusses his inability to find a wife.

  • Episode 12: Season Finale

    This episode shows Jamil finally finding the right person for him and how they both relate to each other despite the big differences between them.