Houses of Allah

Houses of Allah

Houses of Allah
  • Hagia Sophia

    The intersection point of civilizations, the capital of hearts, the city of domes and minarets, beloved Istanbul. Hagia Sophia is one of the most prominent monuments of Istanbul. In this documentary, you will find the adventure of Hagia Sophia from its first construction to the present, the wars ...

  • One Day in the Haram

    Masjid Al-Haram is the most revered Islamic holy site in the world - spanning millennia of prophetic history, millions of Muslims visit annually for Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages. For the first time, experience the power of this sacred space through the eyes of the people who live and work there.


  • One Night in Al Aqsa

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    One Night in Al-Aqsa gives a glimpse of Ramadan in the third...

  • Mosques From Around the World

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    Venture through numerous different countries around the world for a glimpse of some of the most stunning Mosques known to man.

  • Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain

    This historical documentary utilizes feature-film style re-enactments to bring to life the 700-year long history of the European Islamic civilization of Muslim Spain. It tells of the triumphs and shortcomings, achievements, and ultimate failures of a centuries-long period when Muslims, Christians...

  • An American Mosque

    Sparked by the destruction of a mosque, we witness how a farming community responds to hate through painful but ultimately positive discussions about the perception of Islam in America and our responsibility to defend everyone’s constitutional right to worship.

  • Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World

    The film explores the richness of Islamic art in objects big and small, from great ornamented palaces and the play of light in monumental mosques to the exquisite beauty of ceramics, carved boxes, paintings and metal work. It revels in the use of color and finds commonalities in a shared artistic...