I Want to be #FEMES

I Want to be #FEMES

It follows four individuals as they navigate life, friendship, social media, and fame. Datul wants to be popular but struggles to get there. Sarah is an Instagram princess. Adam hates influencers and famous people, period. Haziq is the handsome heart-throb that doesn’t even have to try. Their lives are turned upside down when they catch the attention of an infamous blogger by the name of Ma’am Bawang.

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I Want to be #FEMES
  • Episode 1: M.Y.O.B

    Datul crosses paths with Laksamana’s pretty boy Haziq in an awkward encounter. Adam gets into a scuffle with insta-princess Sarah. It all begins here, at the Art Exhibition.

  • Episode 2: Kisah si Tudong Girl

    Haziq asks Datul out, while Adam is forced to partner up with Sarah on a school project.

  • Episode 3: Atu Baru Nyaman!

    Haziq begins to question Datul’s true motive. Adam begins to notice a different side of Sarah.


    In an attempt to become insta-famous, the tri-hards; Pandi, Fizah, and Hilmi, decide to investigate who Ma’am Bawang is.

  • Episode 5: I want to be…

    In this jaw-dropping finale, phones will be raised as insta-worthy moments are about to shock our characters to their core at the influencer-filled glam event. Get your insta-stories ready, you don’t want to miss a single moment.