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Episode 4: Constantine

Ibn Battuta Season 1

Up Next in Ibn Battuta Season 1

  • Episode 5: Deception

    In this episode, Ibn Battuta uncovers a ploy that is brewing against the chief of the merchants and the caravan that he is accompanying on his trip, where there would be an attempt to murder all of those in the caravan and steal their products. He reveals his findings to the chief and sets a plan...

  • Episode 6: Alexandria

    Ibn Battuta arrives to the gates of Alexandria along with the caravan. Here the chief of the merchants shows his gratitude to Ibn Battuta for saving the caravan and part ways. Ibn Battuta, carrying his satchel and manuscripts, makes his way through the city of Alexandria to explore it and meet it...

  • Episode 7: The Pillar

    Some young men are caught in the midst of trouble. One of them is caught and hung from a tall pillar when Ibn Battuta saves him. The young man then hosts Ibn Battuta in his home and tells the story of the pillar he was stuck on, and how it was dedicated to one of Rome’s emperors. At the end of th...