Jannah: Home at Last

Jannah: Home at Last

A jewel-encrusted crown for a verse recited. Chalets of crystal sparkling on the horizon for a soul that gave up sins. Tree trunks of green emerald and branches of gold for a dhikr oft-repeated. Each of your shuddering breaths, every second of discomfort you faced, and every one of your sacrifices—all have been accounted for, returned manifold with sights and rewards unimaginable.

It was Al-Musawwir, the Most Beautiful Fashioner of Form—Beauty Himself—who fashioned your eternal sanctuary. Built by your deeds and decorated by your du’as, your home awaits.
Enter into Jannah, O weary soul, and rest, for the One who you lived for is eternally pleased with you.

This Ramadan, travel to Jannah with Dr. Omar Suleiman and learn how to lavish your eternal home with du’as, deeds, and dedications.

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Jannah: Home at Last
  • Seeing Allah in Jannah | Ep. 27

  • Al-Firdaus The Highest Level of Jannah | Ep. 26

  • The Unclaimed Property in Jannah | Ep. 25

  • What Dhikr Will You Make in Jannah | Ep. 24

  • The Sound of Jannah | Ep. 23

  • Can You Have Pets in Jannah | Ep. 22

  • Meeting Your Angels in Jannah | Ep. 21

    We are always surrounded by angels; they record our deeds, join us in gatherings of dhikr, and protect us in ways we don’t see. But what if you could meet them? What if you could speak to Ridwan, or Malik, or Jibreel (as) himself?

    In Jannah, you will. The angels will greet you, congratulate you...

  • Scenes of the Sahaba in Jannah | Ep. 20

  • The Market of Jannah | Ep. 19

  • How to Get a Higher Rank in Jannah | Ep. 18

    The Prophet (SAWS) said that when you ask for Jannah, you should ask for its highest level, al-Firdaus. Don’t settle for the minimum, but strive for the best, because for your every exertion, there is a level of Jannah to meet you, and there is no limit on how high you may ascend. Do you know whi...

  • Jannah’s Thrones and Couches | Ep. 17

  • Do You See Your Enemies in Jannah | Ep. 16

    What will happen to the tyrants, oppressors, enemies and all those who hurt you? There are peepholes in Jannah, and should you so choose, the Most Just provides a window into the fate of those who bothered you in the temporary world. And as for the repentant sinners or the believers you just neve...

  • Your Friends in Jannah | Ep. 15

    Few things bring us more joy and fulfillment than close companionship. Our friends celebrate our joys and support us through hardships. In Jannah, our friends will visit us—or, if they do not find us, they will ask for us. They may even save us from the Fire. So choose your friends wisely, and st...

  • Your Family in Jannah | Ep. 14

    Jannah would not be heaven without family and loved ones. While each person will have their own homes and gardens, the reunions of family will give plenty of time to be with family, and not just your close relatives. Your ancestors from the dawn of time are eager to meet you, your children’s chil...

  • Making a Wish in Jannah | Ep. 13

  • Your Clothes in Jannah | Ep. 12

  • What Will You Eat in Jannah | Ep. 11

  • The Four Rivers of Jannah | Ep. 10

    Time and time again, Allah mentions Jannah in the Qur’an as “gardens beneath which rivers flow.” But what are these rivers of Paradise like? Flowing water on earth has a calming effect like no other, but the springs and streams of Jannah go beyond soothing your soul; beautified by rubies, pearls,...

  • How to Plant Trees in Jannah | Ep. 9

    As Ibrahim (as) said so long ago, Jannah is a fertile plain, and its seeds are dhikr and tasbeeh. Declarations that seem so simple to us—subhanAllah, alhamdulillah, Allahu akbar—are greater than the kingdoms of this world, and each utterance of them sprouts mighty trees in Paradise. So keep plant...

  • The Gardens of Jannah | Ep. 8

    While the palaces in Jannah are large enough to host crowds of guests, nestled in your gardens are special pavilions and guest homes designed for this purpose. The sights, sounds, and smells of these gardens are unlike anything in this world, and only your deeds determine which gardens will be yo...

  • What Does Jannah Smell Like | Ep. 7

    If the fragrance of Jannah will reach you from a distance of more than 100 years, what will your senses be privy to inside its beautiful gates? Footsteps and burps of perfume, incense burners of aloe wood, grounds of marble never before seen, and pleasant breezes and rains carrying musk and mercy...

  • 10 Deeds That Build Houses in Jannah | Ep. 6

    If a few simple actions could earn you your dream home instantly, would you do them? What if they earned you multiple dream homes in Jannah? Simple deeds can carry great weight, and many narrations describe what we can do to ensure we have a palace (or two) reserved for us in Paradise. Here are 1...

  • Jannah's Palaces | Ep.5

    Gold, rubies, and crystal are only a few of the materials used to build the luxurious palaces of Jannah. From crystal constructions in the air, to houses carved from a single pearl, each home is a reward for a particular life led and deeds obtained. What will your Lord reward you for?

  • Who will welcome you into Jannah | Ep.4

    Your home in Jannah, you’ll realize, is one you already know better than you ever knew your homes on earth. When the gates open with flourish for you, you will first be welcomed by angels, greeting you with salaam (peace). As those gentle caretakers—jubilant for you—walk you through the palaces y...