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Episode 10: Seven Under the Shade of Allah

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Episode 11: When He Asks About Your Prayer

Judgment Day

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  • Episode 10: Seven Under the Shade of ...

    In the sweltering heat of Judgment Day, there will be seven groups of people who will be under the cool shade of the Throne of Allah, the Most High. They are the sabiqoon, the forerunners, granted a special position for all of eternity.

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  • Episode 9: Pulpits of Light

    What is a pulpit of light, and who will be granted the special status of standing upon one on the day in which throngs will be crushed together? They are reserved for those who were humble and just. In contrast, those who were tyrannical in this world will be so disregarded that they will be no l...

  • Episode 8: What Banner Represents You

    On the Day of Judgment, everyone’s banners will be revealed. The treacherous will be publicly outed and the righteous will be publicly known. What banner will be erected above your head?

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