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Episode 16: Those Who Intercede

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Episode 17: The Surahs That Save You

Judgment Day

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  • Episode 16: Those Who Intercede

    What if you could not only enter Paradise, but bring those you love with you? On the momentous Day of Judgment, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ will keep going back to Allah, prostrating and interceding on behalf of his ummah. But he won’t be the only one. One by one, those who were so loved by Allah will int...

  • Episode 15: The People You Helped

    Again and again, we see that Allah is generous in His forgiveness and His rewards for your deeds. Of particular reward are those actions you performed in this life that benefited someone else. Numerous narrations attest that “Whoever covers the faults of his brother, Allah will cover his faults o...

  • Episode 14: Justice for the Oppressed

    Allah is the Most Merciful, but He is also the Most Just, and that justice is particularly shown and upheld when the rights of other people are in question. How we treat people in this world is going to determine if we meet Allah’s justice or His mercy. On the Day of Judgment, it would be in our ...