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Episode 11: When He Asks About Your Prayer

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Episode 10: Seven Under the Shade of Allah

Judgment Day: Deeds that Light the Way

Up Next in Judgment Day: Deeds that Light the Way

  • Episode 11: When He Asks About Your P...

    Salah is the most important deed we can fulfill for our Creator. Standing trial on that Day, the first thing Allah will ask you about is your prayer. Will Allah show you His mercy, or will you be forgotten?

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  • Episode 12: Mountains & Mirages

    Your deeds on Judgment Day may grow to be as mighty as mountains…or they could be crushed into dust, meaningless as a mirage. It all depends on the sincerity and God-consciousness that you expressed in the life of this world. Like the Companions, be mindful of your deeds, but always keep in mind ...

  • Episode 13: Your Limbs Will Testify

    You may know that your deeds will appear in the form of human beings in your grave to speak of what you’ve sent forth. But what will happen when your limbs speak? Your possessions? The animals you encountered and the earth you prayed upon? On the Day of Judgment, Allah the All-Seeing will cause e...