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Episode 25: Sincerity Shines & Hypocrisy Blinds

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Episode 24: The Shahada Card

Judgment Day: Deeds that Light the Way

Up Next in Judgment Day: Deeds that Light the Way

  • Episode 25: Sincerity Shines & Hypocr...

    Automate your donations during the last 10 nights of Ramadan here:

    When the heavens and earth are rolled up, everything will be blanketed in darkness. As people walk across the thin Sirat, or the bridge to Paradise that’s stretched over Hell, their only source of light will...

  • Episode 26: The Many Blessings of Wudu

    As the darkness of the Sirat looms, the believers will be illuminated by the deeds they sent forth—particularly by the traces of their wudu. What can we do today to shine bright on that Day?

    Act for your akhirah. Donate during these last few days of Ramadan here:

  • Episode 27: Crossing the Sirat

    The bridge over the fire is treacherous—thinner than a hair, sharper than a sword, with hooks on either side waiting to drag you down to the fires below. But your deeds stand guard with you as you cross. Your dhikr, your charity, your salawat, and more will accompany you in proportion to the impo...