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Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 4

Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 4

Season 4 of Little Mosque on the Prairie: an unabashedly comedic look at a small Muslim community living side by side with the residents of a little prairie town. At its heart, Little Mosque on the Prairie is a humorous look at relationships, family, love, the generation gap, and balancing Muslim beliefs and traditions.

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Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 4
  • Episode 1: Love Thy Neighbour

    Rev. Magee's replacement, Rev. William Thorne, wants Amaar and the Muslims out until he realizes his congregants like having the mosque around. Rayyan dances to country music in her wedding dress and returns gifts; one of them in which leads her to call J.J one last time.

  • Episode 2: Big Boys Don't Cry

    When Amaar invites Rev. Thorne to co-host a party, the minister hijacks the planning and almost tanks the event. Yasir hires a new employee, Yusuf, who does not speak English, and tries to set him up with Rayyan. Rayyan gets revenge by pretending that she will marry Yusuf.

  • Episode 3: What's Yours Is Mine

    Rev. Thorne is stealing Amaar's sermons and preaching them to his own congregation. Rayyan decides to move out, much to her father's dismay.

  • Episode 4: Break and Enter

    After Rayyan bans pop-in visits, Sarah sneaks into Rayyan's house to retrieve her emergency key and gets trapped inside. Thorne tries to convert the Muslims to Christianity.

  • Episode 5: Death By Choclate

    When Reverend Thorne installs a chocolate vending machine during Amaar's 30-hour famine fundraiser, Amaar is forced to fight temptation with faith. Yasir, Sarah, Nate and the mayor enter a car contest.

  • Episode 6: The Bid

    Yasir stops at nothing to win the church renovation with Rev. Thorne and ends up losing his shirt. Rayyan saves Fred's life, and he won't leave her alone.

  • Episode 7: Handle With Care

    Yasir accidentally breaks Thorne's Jesus statue, and tries to replace it before he's discovered. Layla moves in with Rayyan.

  • Episode 8: Saving Sarah Hamoudi

    When Sarah agrees to help Thorne with raising the church's profile, Amaar recruits Nate to help boost the mosque's PR. Yasir and Baber scheme to get Layla to move back with Baber.

  • Episode 9: Gloves Will Keep Us Together

    Rev. Thorne tricks Amaar into a charity boxing match.

  • Episode 10: Bye Bye Yasir

    Amaar is dumbfounded when he learns Reverend Thorne is faking injuries sustained from the charity boxing match in an effort to make Amaar look bad and generate sympathy for Thorne.

  • Episode 11: The Great Indoors

    Amaar and Reverend Thorne become lost during a camping trip in the woods. During their struggle to find the way home, the two discover they have more in common than either believed previously.

  • Episode 12: Pants on Fire

    The mayor fires Sarah for lying at an inopportune time. Sarah is determined to get her job back and hatches a scheme to do just that.

  • Episode 13: The Letter

    Amaar accidentally reads a letter addressed to Rev. Thorne and learns more than he wants about his Anglican colleague.

  • Episode 14: Holly Go Quickly

    After Baber scolds her for turning her back on her best friend, Holly, in college, Rayyan feels determined to invite her back into her life. The only problem is that Holly has become an ardent Christian zealot persistent on saving Rayyan's soul from the Fires of Hell.

  • Episode 15: Radio Silence

    Thorne encourages Baber to get a radio show hoping his extreme views will stir up anti-Muslim feelings. When Thorne's plan works, Amaar conspires with unlikely ally Fred to get Baber off the air. Meanwhile, Sarah befriends a male subcontractor and sets tongues wagging. But when this relationship ...

  • Episode 16: Keeping The Faith

    Amaar is pressured by Babar to ban the wearing of pants by women in the mosque, a demand Rayyan finds offensive. Amaar listens to Rayyan, but this leads to Ammar getting fired. Meanwhile, Sarah and Mayor Popowicz team up and enter the Annual Mercy Chili Cookoff, and soon find themselves up to the...

  • Episode 17: A Farewell to Amaars

    When Baber takes over as Imam after getting Amaar fired, he allows a band of radical Muslims into the mosque. But he gets more than he bargained for when the fundamentalists take over and frighten the Anglicans, finally giving Thorne the excuse he needs to act.

  • Episode 18: A Lease Too Far

    Thorne evicts the Muslims from the church and they are forced to find another suitable place to pray. Meanwhile, the Archbishop visits and is very excited about seeing the mosque. Thorne asks the Muslims to come back; they accept. Rayyan tells Amaar she loves him and he tells her he loves her.