Little Mosque on the Prairie

Little Mosque on the Prairie

6 Seasons

The fictional rural prairie town of Mercy, Saskatchewan, was never the same after a cast of unlikely characters set up shop. See, these folks lean on the Middle East side of things and bring with them a culture that is not only foreign, it also creates wonderfully comedic moments that touch on all aspects of society and religion.

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Little Mosque on the Prairie
  • Episode 1: Little Mosque

    Episode 1

    A small Muslim community in the prairies finally gets its own mosque - the problem is, it's in a church! Reverend Magee, who was tricked into the deal by the scheming Yasir, is suddenly very unpopular with his parishioners. The mosque's new Imam, Amaar Rashid arrives from the big city to smooth...

  • Episode 2: The Barrier

    Episode 2

    Baber is facing a battle of the generations and a battle of the sexes. His daughter Layla, participating in a fund-raising run, is irking her dad with her choice of running attire. She also experiences her first period, which she hides from Baber since that transition into womanhood means that sh...

  • Episode 3: The Open House

    Episode 3

    What better way to improve your image amongst suspicious townsfolk than to hold an open house at the Mercy Mosque? Amaar enlists Yasir to fix the room's decrepit electrical system before the big day arrives. Of course, the Muslims simply can't agree on what the open house should include. Long-...

  • Episode 4: Swimming Upstream

    Episode 4

    Mercy's Muslim women protest co-ed swimming classes at the local pool. Mayor Popowicz refuses to change the rules, nervous at what voters will think if she's seen kowtowing to the Muslims. Meanwhile, Baber refuses to let Layla go out for Halloween, causing Amaar to suggest an Islamic version of...

  • Episode 5: the Convert

    Episode 5

    Marlon, a new white convert, has the entire mosque in a tizzy. Marlon's zealous embrace of Islam wins an immediate friend in Baber, bu he soon alienates everyone by passing judgement on virtually everything the Muslims do. Meanwhile, Sarah, never too devout, decides it's time to become serious ...

  • Episode 6: Mother-in-Law

    Episode 6

    Yasir's overbearing mother arrives from Lebanon with an exciting new proposition. Sarah is shocked to find that mother Hamoudi has plans for Yasir to take a second wife! Mayor Popowicz advised Sarah to fight back and take a second husband. Meanwhile, Reverend Magee ponders whether he should per...

  • Episode 7: Playing with Fire

    Episode 7

    Jeff, a local fireman, falls head-over heels for Rayyan. He conveniently develops an interest in Islam, though Rayyan rebuffs his advances. It's not enough for Baber, who's convinced Rayyan will set a bad example for his daughter. When the hunky fireman appears in a calendar, Yasir is suddenly ...

  • Episode 8: The Archdeacon Cometh

    Episode 8

    When the Archdeacon announces he's coming to Mercy Anglican, Reverend Magee fears for the worst. Church attendance is way down, and the place just might get shut down. Of course, the Muslims pose as Christians to help fill the seats. The archdeacon arrives early and quickly figures out the ent...