Little Mosque on the Prairie

Little Mosque on the Prairie

6 Seasons

The fictional rural prairie town of Mercy, Saskatchewan, was never the same after a cast of unlikely characters set up shop. See, these folks lean on the Middle East side of things and bring with them a culture that is not only foreign, it also creates wonderfully comedic moments that touch on all aspects of society and religion.

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Little Mosque on the Prairie
  • Episode 1: Amaar at the Bat

    Episode 1

    When Rayyan tells Amaar that she's accepted JJ's marriage proposal, Amaar is shocked. To make matters worse, he finds that JJ doesn't have a place to stay and will be rooming with him in his apartment. When Amaar realizes just how conflicted he's become, he returns home to Toronto to gather his t...

  • Episode 2: Lord of the Ring

    Episode 2

    Back in Toronto, Amaar crashes at his parents' place as he tries to decide whether to return to Mercy and resume his job as Imam. Yasir comes to Toronto to help him make the right decision. His parents have other plans, however, and set him up with a dream girl and a dream job at the law firm. Me...

  • Episode 3: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mercy

    Episode 3

    After a spiritual sojourn to Mecca, Amaar returns to Mercy reinvigorated. All is good except that Baber wants to put him through his paces and make him reapply for his job. Meanwhile, with word that JJ's parents are coming to Mercy, Yasir and Sarah are determined to go overboard with plans for a ...

  • Episode 4: The Ties that Blind

    Episode 4

    Determined to get her father out of the house, Layla signs up Baber to a Muslim online dating site. She even sets him up on a blind date with the perfect match. Perfect, that is, until she realizes that it's Fatima! Meanwhile, Sarah's scared that Fred Tupper wants her job after he presents himsel...

  • Episode 5: Rules R Rules

    Episode 5

    When Amaar is short on cash, Sarah talks Yasir into giving Amaar a part-time job as his assistant. Everyone quickly learns that his hammering skills are not quite as good as his lawyering skills. Meanwhile, Rayyan and JJ team up to baffle Fred with made-up rules about Islam. But when they discove...

  • Episode 6: Let Prairie Dogs Lie

    Episode 6

    Yasir joins the Prairie Dog Lodge to make new business contacts, but quickly finds that he can't participate in many of their activities like gambling and drinking. Things get worse when Amaar learns that Yasir is going to join them on a hunting trip—a sport that is forbidden by Islam. The proble...

  • Episode 7: Sweet Sixteen

    Episode 7

    When Baber is found without a gift for his daughter for her surprise sweet 16th birthday party, Yasir proposes to help Baber write a poem for Layla. Baber agrees, but Sarah soon reveals that Yasir's poetry is terrible. Meanwhile, Rayyan and Amaar must rescue Layla from the secular booze and boys ...

  • Episode 8: Mercy Dot Com

    Episode 8

    When Fatima notices that a new breed of laptop-toting cheapskate customers have displaced her regulars, Fatima discovers that the wi-fi signal from the Happy Unicorn Good Earth Food store is behind it all. Meanwhile, Amaar feels threatened by an advice-giving website, but soon realizes he can go ...

  • Episode 9: A Hard Day's Fight

    Episode 9

    When JJ reveals he's been called back to Dubai, tension mounts between him and Rayyan. Yasir and Sarah come to the rescue, determined to ensure a fond farewell between the young couple. Meanwhile, when Baber takes a substitute position at Layla's high school, she's worried that her father may bec...

  • Episode 10: Baber is from Mars, Vegans are from Venus

    Episode 10

    When Sarah needs a partner for a charity marathon, she must choose between Rayyan and Yasir. Things get more complicated when she invites them both, and they both accept. Meanwhile, Baber has learned to enjoy the halal delights offered by the Happy Unicorn Good Earth Food store. Unfortunately, he...

  • Episode 11: True Bromance

    Episode 11

    Amaar befriends a reporter new to the Mercy area but this friendship is tested when the two wind up in jail. Yasir wins an award but gets in trouble with Sarah.

  • Episode 12: Double Troubles

    Episode 12

    Amaar is enlisted by a friend to go on a double date but finds his confidence somewhat shaken by the outcome. Yasir gets a new job.

  • Episode 13: The Week of Dying Dangerously

    Episode 13

    Fred gets some unsettling news from a visit to Rayyan's clinic and decides to change his life radically as a result with his rocky relationship with the local Muslim community the first thing to be changed. Layla attempts to learn to drive.

  • Episode 14: Raised Expectations

    Episode 14

    Amaar's attempts to get a raise for himself fail and Fred decides to help him by pursuing the matter on his own. Sarah attempts to get into the paper.

  • Episode 15: Colour Me Excited

    Episode 15

    Amaar's attempts to get a raise for himself fail and Fred decides to help him by pursuing the matter on his own. Sarah attempts to get into the paper.

  • Episode 16: Recipe for Disaster

    Episode 16

    Yasir says he is too busy to attend a marriage workshop with Sarah but soon comes to regret his decision. After Layla and Fred steal Fatima's prized lamb recipe to enter on a food magazine's website, Fatima closes her cafe.

  • Episode 17: My Shariah

    Episode 17

    J.J. opens an early wedding present but has no idea what the gift is and neither does anybody else. Amaar distances himself from Duncan. Baber restructures everyone's investments to be shariah compliant.

  • Episode 18: Baber Makes an Entrance

    Episode 18

    To prove his religious credentials, Baber insists that the Muslim women enter the mosque through a separate entrance. The women rebel, and Amaar tries to change the terms of the debate. Sarah loses her gift for gab and gets a tempting job offer.

  • Episode 19: Meet The Jaffers

    Episode 19

    J.J.'s parents arrive from Dubai for the wedding with their Rolls Royce. J.J.'s mother is difficult, but finally tells Rayyan a huge secret, swearing her to secrecy. This causes Amaar to think Rayyan wants to call off the wedding. Yasir has to negotiate the mahr (dowry) with JJ's father. Baber's ...

  • Episode 20: Can I Get A Witness?

    Episode 20

    J.J. and Rayyan's wedding date arrives and chaos threatens to unravel what should be a joyous occasion. Fred helps the mosque out in a time of need. J.J.'s mother surprises Rayyan.