Little Mosque on the Prairie

Little Mosque on the Prairie

6 Seasons

The fictional rural prairie town of Mercy, Saskatchewan, was never the same after a cast of unlikely characters set up shop. See, these folks lean on the Middle East side of things and bring with them a culture that is not only foreign, it also creates wonderfully comedic moments that touch on all aspects of society and religion.

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Little Mosque on the Prairie
  • Episode 1: The Proposal

    Episode 1

    Amaar searches for the perfect way to propose to Rayyan after getting Yasir's permission to marry his daughter. Sarah volunteers to help but soon what is supposed to be the most magical night ever becomes a series of comic misfires. Rev. Thorne finds the town has turned on him after his bad behav...

  • Episode 2: Bromancing the Imam

    Episode 2

    Amaar babysits with Rayyan, who is trying to convince him to include children in their future. She begins to develop doubts about being a mother when the baby they are watching takes to Amaar but not her. Meanwhile, Rev. Thorne tries to become Amaar's friend with Sarah's help, but his plan backfi...

  • Episode 3: Kept Imam

    Episode 3

    Amaar, fearing he's taking advantage of Rayyan's generosity, struggles with the fact he won't be much of a bread-winner and shocks his fiancée with a pre-nuptial agreement.

  • Episode 4: Loose Lips

    Episode 4

    When Amaar shares a funny little quirk of Raayan's to show a congregant that all couples disagree about some things, Rayyan is not amused and forbids him from saying anything else. Meanwhile, Sarah convinces Baber to pose as her boss in an attempt to land a conservative Muslim as a client for Ham...

  • Episode 5: Roomies

    Episode 5

    A leak in the roof of Amaar's loft results in the Imam reluctantly staying with Thorne, who enjoys having Amaar there. When Amaar doesn't feel the same, a hurt Thorne sets out to ensure that Amaar has nowhere else to go. Meanwhile, Sarah fights off aging to the point of injury to impress an old f...

  • Episode 6: Smooth Hate Criminal

    Episode 6

    Rayyan urges Amaar to befriend a lonely Rev. Thorne but quickly finds herself shut out when the former frenemies find much in common. Meanwhile, when a mishap at the mosque is misread as a hate crime, Sarah covers for the Mayor until she has to come clean and mend fences between the Anglicans and...

  • Episode 7: Brother, Can You Spare a Mosque?

    Episode 7

    The excitement of their first joint purchase is ruined when Rayyan discovers that Amaar heard her snoring as she tried out mattresses. Meanwhile, Sarah, Thorne and Baber try to outdo each other in the charity department when a man down on his luck passes through town.

  • Episode 8: Every Thorne has its Rose

    Episode 8

    Suspicious of Thorne's odd behavior, Rayyan quickly discovers that he's fallen for Mercy's quirky librarian, Rose. Despite Amaar's pleas for her not to interfere, Rayyan's matchmaking efforts almost sink the blossoming relationship. Meanwhile, Sarah and Fatima's friendship is tested when Fatima h...

  • Episode 9: Love at First Fight

    Episode 9

    Urged on by the women of the mosque, Rayyan runs for the board. But her victory is short-lived when Baber finds a clause in the constitution forbidding women from participating. Worse yet, Amaar agrees to uphold the constitution, no matter how upset Rayyan is. Meanwhile, Thorne enlists Sarah to h...

  • Episode 10: An Arranged Marriage

    Episode 10

    When Yasir announces his impending return, Amaar and Rayyan seize the opportunity of his visit to set a wedding date. They soon discover they don’t have time to plan a big wedding and turn the event over to Sarah, who goes over the top with arrangements they don't love. Meanwhile, the only way Th...

  • Episode 11: The Bachelor Party

    Episode 11

    Rev. Thorne is jealous when Rev. Magee throws a bachelor party for Amaar. Determined not to be outdone by his Anglican nemesis, Thorne organizes a paintball party to settle the score with Magee on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Sarah comes to the rescue after Rayyan gets locked out of her bacheloret...

  • Episode 12: If You Leave Me Now

    Episode 12

    Having mastered his work at the mosque, Amaar has devoted himself to good works volunteering for Islamic Assistance International and is thrilled when they offer him a full-time job. But that joy is tempered with sadness when he realizes the job would take him to Montreal and that Rayyan isn't su...

  • Episode 13: Amaar's Well That Ends Well

    Episode 13

    Not wanting to cast a pall over their special day, Amaar and Rayyan decide to wait until after the wedding to let their family and friends know they're moving to Montreal. But Baber overhears their juicy news and lets it slip at the worst possible moment. Everyone's shocked reaction threatens to ...