MAS LA 2023

MAS LA 2023

The Muslim American Society - Los Angeles Convention 2023

MAS LA 2023
  • MAS LA Day 1: Sunnah in Modern Times

    Islam’s teachings are based both the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Taking a very nuanced approach, let’s address the common misconceptions about the Sunnah, and clarify what practical role the Sunnah plays in our daily life as American Muslims.

    1. Yasir Fahmy

  • MAS LA Day 1: The Occupation Of Palestine - Explained

    Palestine holds deep religious importance in Islam, notably the Al-Aqsa Mosque. American Muslims, emphasizing global unity, have a unique role in promoting justice, addressing misinformation, and guiding U.S. policy for a fair approach in dealing with the crisis in the Middle East. This session w...

  • MAS LA Day 1: Convention Opening Address

    Islam, as a way of life, inspires millions globally to transcend an ordinary existence, embodying a life rich in faith, purpose, and service. In this illuminating session, we will embark on a profound journey exploring the transformative power of the Islamic faith and tradition, witnessing how sp...

  • MAS LA DAY 2: Crisis: A Test for Believers, or Something More?

    Major disasters and catastrophic events occurred in the world between 2022 and 2023 - some are still ongoing: wars, flash floods, earthquakes, economic downturns etc... Under what lens should Muslims view these life altering crises? Are we witnessing signs of the Day of Judgement? Are these tests...

  • MAS LA DAY 2: "Then Where Are You Going?", Surat Al-Takwir, verse 26

    Where are you going? This is a singular but multifaceted question that needs to be addressed at various levels of one's life. Not simply where are you going, but why? Who or What will accompany you on your journey? The Islamic Aqeedah answers the why question and orients us to the path, direction...

  • MAS LA DAY 2: Center Stage Series

    A program series where different topics take Center Stage, and the speaker's voice is amplified to address varying concepts. The Center Stage Series puts the spotlight on distinct segments that help us understand and frame out life.

    The topics include:
    1. When Life Gets Tough
    2. Taste the Sweetn...

  • MAS LA Day 2: Harmony in Roles and Kinship

    This comprehensive session aims to delve deep into the harmonious relationship between gender roles and the essence of family ties in Islam. We will explore the concept of Qawama, and its implications in determining roles and responsibilities, and contrast this with the dynamics of modern family ...

  • MAS LA Day 1: Fiqh and Fatwa

    As societies evolve, new issues arise, requiring contemporary interpretations of Islamic law. It is essential to adapt while maintaining the core principles of the faith. How does this system of Fiqh and Fatwas work in Islam?

    1. Mustafa Umar
    2. Suhail Mulla