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Episode 19: When you were embarrased

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Episode 18: When you sought his forgiveness

Meeting Muhammad (SAWS)

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  • Episode 19: When you were embarrased

    When you messed up in front of the Prophet ﷺ, it may feel like you could never recover from it. This is how he would respond to your mistakes.

  • Episode 20: When you noticed his poverty

    He was a man who could have lived as a king, but instead chose a life more humble than any that we live today. The Prophet ﷺ was often hungry and had very few material goods, but he was content with choosing the next life over this one.

  • Episode 21: When he lost his child

    At the loss of his only child in Islam, the Prophet’s ﷺ grief was deep. He wept and he felt sadness, just as the rest of us do. But even in his grief, he taught us to be patient and to say only that which pleases Allah.