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Episode 10: When he joked with you

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Episode 9: Inviting him to your home

Meeting Muhammad (SAWS)

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  • Episode 10: When he joked with you

    When the Prophet ﷺ jokes with you, you may be taken aback at first. Here’s how the Prophet ﷺ joked with others, and the lessons we can learn from his etiquette.

  • Episode 11: When you thought you were...

    We long to spend time with those who love us. The Prophet ﷺ had a talent for making all those around him feel like his most beloved friend. No doubt that if a former enemy of Islam believed he was the Messenger’s best friend, we would have felt that way, too.

  • Episode 12: When you needed his help

    Sometimes the people you rely on most during times of need are the ones that are unable to show up for you. What if you were to ask the Prophet ﷺ for help?