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Episode 14: The Battle of Khandaq

Omar Series

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  • Episode 15: Labbayk

    Stipulations agreed upon in the Treaty of Hudaybiyah begin to backfire for whoever remains among the polytheist Makkans. Delegations of representatives are sent to neighboring kingdoms and lands to spread the message of Islam. The Ummah goes toward Makkah to make Umrah with the Prophet ﷺ.

  • Episode 16: The Conquest of Makkah

    The final remnants of polytheistic Makkah continue to wither as Khalid ibn Walid converts. The Muslims under the leadership of the Prophet ﷺ take control of Makkah in a peaceful conquest. Bilal ibn Rabah رضي الله عنه recites the adhan atop the Ka'bah.

  • Episode 17: The Passing of the Beloved ﷺ

    Former foes find solace in the compassion of the Mercy to Mankind ﷺ. The Ummah suffers its greatest loss in the passing of God's final messenger ﷺ. Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه provides the Muslims with much needed wisdom in this time of heartache.