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Ramadan Du'as on Repeat

Ramadan Du'as on Repeat

We learn them early. We repeat them daily. We pass them down. But have we paused to acknowledge what we’re praying for? As Ramadan turns the corner, immerse yourself in the meanings of the du’as you usually have on autoplay. Join Dr. Tahir Wyatt as he (re)introduces six oft-repeated Ramadan supplications, and let the forgotten wonder of these 1400-year-old words passed down from the Prophet (s) connect you with Allah like never before.

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Ramadan Du'as on Repeat
  • Intro: A Month When Du'as Are Accepted

    Download the printable Ramadan Du'as on Repeat list!

    Ramadan is the month of du’as and connection to Allah. But some of us struggle with speaking to Allah. And some repeat supplications as a ritual. This series will prescribe best du’a practices, foster a deeper understanding ...

  • Episode 1: Du'a for Reaching Ramadan

    Download the list of du'as from the series here:

    As Ramadan draws closer, reverberations of the words Allahumma ballighna Ramadan (O Allah, let us reach Ramadan) abound. Although this sentence carries a wonderful sentiment, it's not authentically attributed to the Prophet (s)....

  • Episode 2: Du'a to Start Ramadan Right

    Download the Ramadan Du'as on Repeat PDF and follow along with the du'as!

    You've heard that the moon has been spotted and the new month of the Hijri calendar is beginning: Ramadan. What better way is there to start something than speaking to the One who created Time? Dr. T...

  • Episode 3: Du'a For Breaking The Fast

    Download the du'a list PDF and follow along!

    It's Maghrib on a Ramadan night, and you break your fast with a date and that famous du'a taught by the Prophet (s). But what are the meanings behind this oft-repeated du'a? And why do we say 'inshaAllah' at the end of it? Dr. Tahir...

  • Episode 4: A Du'a for an Iftar Host

    Download the PDF of Ramadan du'as!

    The reward of feeding a fasting person is with Allah. But the best gift you can give to someone who has hosted an iftar for you in the month of Ramadan is a sincere du'a. Dr. Tahir teaches us the tremendous du'a the Prophet (s) made when Sa'a...

  • Episode 5: Du'a Qunoot - How to Transform Your Witr

    Download the du'a list and follow along!

    Have you ever prayed witr behind an imam and said "ameen" without understanding the du'a he was making? Taught by the Prophet (s), it's called du'a qunoot—a comprehensive prayer made every witr salah that consists of five requests. Und...

  • Episode 6: Du'a Qunoot Ending With Praises For Allah

    Download the Ramadan Du'as on Repeat PDF and follow along with the du'as!

    What was the du'a the Prophet (s) taught his grandson Hasan (rA)? Du'a qunoot, recited during the night prayer. In this episode, Dr. Tahir continues to shed light on that witr du'a, this time diving i...

  • Episode 7: Du'a for Laylatul Qadr

    Download the Ramadan Du'as on Repeat PDF and follow along with the du'as!

    When the last ten nights of Ramadan are upon you, what's the best du'a you can make? Aisha (rA) asked the Prophet (s) the same question, and he (s) taught the oft-repeated du'a for Laylatul Qadr. But ...