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Stories from the Prophets' Era

Stories from the Prophets' Era

The well-known hadith of the Prophet ﷺ. Watch as each episode goes over principle Islamic values and lessons.

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Stories from the Prophets' Era
  • Episode 1: The Cave

    Narrator Ibn Abdullah ibn Umar ibn al-Khattab, tells the story about the Prophet ﷺ when they sought refuge in a cave.

  • Episode 2: The Way of the Prophet ﷺ

    The Narrator tells the story about when three future disciples went to the Prophet's ﷺ home to inquire how to worship Allah as the Prophet ﷺ did.

  • Episode 3: Moral Compass

    Narrator tells the hadith about a man who wanted to give all his money away to charity, but there are a few lessons he has to learn before he does so.

  • Episode 4: Fear

    The narrator tells the hadith about Allah testing one's faith when he sent an Angel to three men who had ailments and diseases that gave them distress and when Allah grants a cure to these ailments, they did not give proper supplication.

  • Episode 5: The Apple

    The narrator tells the hadith of a young man who stole an apple from a garden that does not belong to him but he feels remorse about what he did and seeks forgiveness from the garden keeper. He quickly learns the truth and purpose of what he went through.

  • Episode 6: Integrity

    The narrator tells the story about how a man learns the lessons of proper work ethic and operating in good faith when it comes to one's business dealings.

  • Episode 7: Most Merciful

    Narrator tells the hadith of a man who lived a sinful lifestyle but slowly comes to realize the vast mercy that Allah provides even for the greatest sinner.