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The Little Believers

The Little Believers

The Little Believers aims to create well-rounded, spiritually strong, and emotionally intelligent young individuals through content-rich songs, stories, and animation that encourage a growth mindset and mindfulness through an Islamic lens. Empowering children to be confident in their faith in all parts of the world, from the youngest to the oldest hearts.

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The Little Believers
  • Prophet Yunus and the Whale with Imam Omar Suleiman

    The inspirational Imam Omar Suleiman narrates the beautiful story of Prophet Yunus and the Whale and sheds light on the priceless lessons we must hold close to our hearts through his miraculous story. Sheikh Omar illustrates lessons of hope, tawakkul, and finding light even in the darkness by unw...

  • Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and the Old Lady

    Musa's having friend troubles but with Zayaan's help finds inspiration in the beautiful story of Prophet Mohammed and the Old Lady.
    A story of unconditional kindness, tolerance, and forgiveness.

  • The Revelation with Mufti Menk

    The one and only Mufti Menk joins The Little Believers family for an engaging story time special episode to enlighten the littlest hearts about the incomparable value of the most powerful night. Watch “The Revelation” with Mufti Menk as he narrates the miraculous story of how the Quran was reveal...

  • Painted the World

    No musical instruments were used in this song

    Find inspiration and peace in a song about the most beautiful soul that ever lived and will ever live.

    "Painted the World" personifies the extraordinary qualities of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (saw) and how he left behind lessons we can embed into...

  • Ramadan V1


    Your favorite Ramadan song is now ANIMATED!

    Celebrate the rest of this beautiful month with the TLB family as they spend the day in preparations, worship, family, community, and a tiny bit of food coma. ;)

  • Meet Ilyas!

    Meet Ilyas! The second oldest of the TLB siblings with an appetite fit for a king. When he's not near the buffet table, he's pretty busy being an awesome role model for his younger brother and maybe even showing off some super slick karate kicks.

  • Meet Umayma!

    Meet Umayma! The youngest and final TLB sibling. She may not say much yet but her contagious bubbly personality speaks volumes. Umayma loves shadowing her siblings and adventuring alongside them, especially her big brother, Ilyas.

  • Behind the Scenes of "Get Along"

    Exclusive Behind the Scenes of our very first animated song, "Get Along".

  • The Story Behind the Song "Painted The World"

    The inspiration and thought process behind our soon to be released animated song, “Painted the World.” A song encapsulating the Prophet’s unequivocal love and kindness.