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Zayn and Zayna

Zayn and Zayna

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Zayn and Zayna
  • Episode 1: Hard Work

    Episode 1 primarily focuses on "Hard Work" for kids. As a parent, it's one of your foremost duties to teach your kids about the importance of hard work as it pays off in the long run and trains the children to cope with the challenges throughout their lives.

  • Episode 2: Neighbours

    Zayna’s home is the farm – Neighbours should be our friends, and we should respect each other. Getting along is so important, and lots have such lovely benefits. You got lovely cakes to eat, even if the rabbits have gone nuts, lets's see how Nanee and Zayna find a solution.

  • Episode 3: Helping Hands

    Zayn finds that no one plays with her and each person is busy. She soon learns that giving a hand and helping where help is needed makes everyone happy and suddenly they find time to have fun. Helping has its rewards.

  • Episode 4: Respect

    Zayn and Zayna are causing mayhem on the farm at the worst possible time. They’re busy playing and disturbing the animals while their parents are trying to show important people how much progress they’ve made in their business. Eggs get cracked. The cows run off.