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What is it: Zakat

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Intro to Pillar 3: Zakat (Almsgiving)

5 Pillars: Zakat (Almsgiving) • 5m 15s

Up Next in 5 Pillars: Zakat (Almsgiving)

  • What is it: Zakat

    Growth. Increase. Purification. Sh. Abdullah Oduro gives us a thorough explanation on what Zakat (almsgiving) is, including the 4 items that a Muslim is expected to pay Zakat (almsgiving) from.

  • Why do we give it: Zakat

    Giving Zakat (almsgiving) is obligatory, but it is not given from the money you need to survive. Sh. Abdullah explains why we give from our money and how to seek blessings from this act of worship.

  • When do we give it: Zakat

    When you pay Zakat depends on two factors: 1. the type of wealth or commodity and 2. the amount of time that wealth or commodity has been in your possession. Sh. Abdullah breaks down how to calculate the amount of Zakat required per commodity by time elapsed.