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Episode 16: Astrolabe

Ibn Battuta Season 1 • 10m

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  • Episode 17: Tabouk Oasis

    At Tabouk Oasis, the man helps him reach Mecca. He is met with festive convoys and kind locals. During his walk around the town he runs into a group of boys that are arguing about their uncle’s horse that went missing. Ibn Battuta helps the boys to devise a plan to find their missing horse.

  • Episode 18: Working Together

    One of the boys decides to figure out a way to get work in the stable the horse was originally obtained from. He gains knowledge of the stables location and decides to head there whilst Ibn Battuta remains in town to distract the uncle. The boys learn a valuable lesson of how arguing doesn’t solv...

  • Episode 19: Valuable Lesson

    The boys reach the stable, while Ibn Battuta remains in the city finding his way around with the uncle that he is attempting to distract. The boys find and retrieve the horse and thank Ibn Battuta for helping them learn how to work together. They treat him to salted watermelon but warn him that i...