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Episode 8: When he would play with your kids

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Episode 7: Celebrating with him

Meeting Muhammad (SAWS)

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  • Episode 8: When he would play with yo...

    Though we often overlook children, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ often spoke of the love and mercy they deserve. Had you spent some time with him, you would have seen his joy and playfulness with the young ones in his community.

  • Episode 9: Inviting him to your home

    After first meeting the Prophet ﷺ, then praying behind him and celebrating with him, you decide to invite him to your home. How would you even go about asking him? What would you serve such an honored man ﷺ? Here’s what to expect when he arrives at your door.

  • Episode 10: When he joked with you

    When the Prophet ﷺ jokes with you, you may be taken aback at first. Here’s how the Prophet ﷺ joked with others, and the lessons we can learn from his etiquette.