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Episode 15: When he saw oppression

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Episode 14: When he was angry

Meeting Muhammad (SAWS)

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  • Episode 15: When he saw oppression

    We know that the Prophet ﷺ loved what Allah loved and hated what Allah hated. He cared for the oppressed, and fought injustice whenever he encountered it. So what would it be like if the Prophet ﷺ saw you being wronged or saw you wronging someone in his presence?

  • Episode 16: When you thought he curse...

    Imagine upsetting the Prophet ﷺ and being cursed by him. What is the impact of his words in the sight of Allah?

  • Episode 17: If you claimed he hurt you

    We’ve seen the Prophet ﷺ when he was upset. But what would happen if you were to be upset with him? Rest assured: he would ensure that your complaints were heard and that justice was enacted, even if it was upon himself.