Meeting Muhammad (SAWS)

Meeting Muhammad (SAWS)

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be in the presence of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, as his companions were? What would it be like to see his host him in your home, pray behind him, and have him as a teacher and friend?We may not know what it was like to be his companions in this life, but we have everything we need to strive to be with him in the next.This Ramadan, journey from knowing about him to knowing him and loving him.

Meeting Muhammad (SAWS)
  • Episode 1: His Appearance

    Muhammad ﷺ had a presence to him that left people in awe. What would it have been like to stand in front of the Prophet ﷺ and see him for the first time?

  • Episode 2: His Blessed Demeanor

    Purposeful, humble, thoughtful, cheerful: the personality of the Prophet ﷺ was well-rounded and modest. What aspects of his demeanor might you notice if you spent time with him?

  • Episode 3: Attending His Khutbah

    As you prepare to attend jummah, imagine this: you’re in the masjid anxiously waiting for the Prophet ﷺ to arrive. What was it like to see him standing on the minbar and delivering the khutbah?

  • Episode 4: Praying Behind Him

    We’ve all experienced the spiritual joy that comes with praying behind someone with a beautiful voice and an emotional prayer. To pray behind the one who perfected it ﷺ was an even greater experience.

  • Episode 5: Sitting in His Circle

    The Prophet ﷺ would often take a seat in gatherings that were small, informal, or just for fun. No matter what the occasion, he honored those present with his attentiveness and knowledge.

  • Episode 6: With him in the Trenches

    There is no better indication of a strong leader than to witness their conduct with others under pressure. What was it like to stand arm-in-arm with the Prophet ﷺ in times of difficulty?

  • Episode 7: Celebrating with him

    Celebrations are a time to gather, eat, and connect with others. Here are some lessons we can take from the Prophet ﷺ on how he would celebrate and feast, particularly during Eid and weddings.

  • Episode 8: When he would play with your kids

    Though we often overlook children, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ often spoke of the love and mercy they deserve. Had you spent some time with him, you would have seen his joy and playfulness with the young ones in his community.

  • Episode 9: Inviting him to your home

    After first meeting the Prophet ﷺ, then praying behind him and celebrating with him, you decide to invite him to your home. How would you even go about asking him? What would you serve such an honored man ﷺ? Here’s what to expect when he arrives at your door.

  • Episode 10: When he joked with you

    When the Prophet ﷺ jokes with you, you may be taken aback at first. Here’s how the Prophet ﷺ joked with others, and the lessons we can learn from his etiquette.

  • Episode 11: When you thought you were his best friend

    We long to spend time with those who love us. The Prophet ﷺ had a talent for making all those around him feel like his most beloved friend. No doubt that if a former enemy of Islam believed he was the Messenger’s best friend, we would have felt that way, too.

  • Episode 12: When you needed his help

    Sometimes the people you rely on most during times of need are the ones that are unable to show up for you. What if you were to ask the Prophet ﷺ for help?

  • Episode 13: When no one else noticed you

    The Prophet ﷺ faced so many kinds of hardship in his life that it equipped him to pay attention when you were suffering in silence. What did he do when he noticed you struggling?

  • Episode 14: When he was angry

    Anger can be a virtue if it occurs when the rights of God or of people are transgressed. The anger of the Prophet ﷺ was rare, but if you were to witness it, you’d know something was truly wrong.

  • Episode 15: When he saw oppression

    We know that the Prophet ﷺ loved what Allah loved and hated what Allah hated. He cared for the oppressed, and fought injustice whenever he encountered it. So what would it be like if the Prophet ﷺ saw you being wronged or saw you wronging someone in his presence?

  • Episode 16: When you thought he cursed you

    Imagine upsetting the Prophet ﷺ and being cursed by him. What is the impact of his words in the sight of Allah?

  • Episode 17: If you claimed he hurt you

    We’ve seen the Prophet ﷺ when he was upset. But what would happen if you were to be upset with him? Rest assured: he would ensure that your complaints were heard and that justice was enacted, even if it was upon himself.

  • Episode 18: When you sought his forgiveness

    Prophet Muhammad ﷺ exemplified “gentleness in all affairs.” He was forgiving, not begrudging; kind, not harsh; and patient when you made mistakes.

  • Episode 19: When you were embarrased

    When you messed up in front of the Prophet ﷺ, it may feel like you could never recover from it. This is how he would respond to your mistakes.

  • Episode 20: When you noticed his poverty

    He was a man who could have lived as a king, but instead chose a life more humble than any that we live today. The Prophet ﷺ was often hungry and had very few material goods, but he was content with choosing the next life over this one.

  • Episode 21: When he lost his child

    At the loss of his only child in Islam, the Prophet’s ﷺ grief was deep. He wept and he felt sadness, just as the rest of us do. But even in his grief, he taught us to be patient and to say only that which pleases Allah.

  • Episode 22: When he would receive revelation

    The weight of Revelation was so heavy that it would cause the angels to faint as it descended through the heavens. What was it like to witness this weighty Revelation coming down upon the Prophet ﷺ?

  • Episode 23: When he would perform miracles

    The Messenger ﷺ both received and performed miracles. If you were to accompany him, you would no doubt have been among the Companions who witnessed the miraculous nature of a prophet.

  • Episode 24: When Jibreel would meet him

    The Prophet’s ﷺ generosity was boundless, and at no time was this more apparent than in Ramadan. Between his nightly meetings with Jibreel (as) and his increased worship in the Holy Month, the Prophet ﷺ was consumed with giving as much as he could.