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Episode 3: Attending His Khutbah

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Episode 2: His Blessed Demeanor

Meeting Muhammad (SAWS)

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  • Episode 3: Attending His Khutbah

    As you prepare to attend jummah, imagine this: you’re in the masjid anxiously waiting for the Prophet ﷺ to arrive. What was it like to see him standing on the minbar and delivering the khutbah?

  • Episode 4: Praying Behind Him

    We’ve all experienced the spiritual joy that comes with praying behind someone with a beautiful voice and an emotional prayer. To pray behind the one who perfected it ﷺ was an even greater experience.

  • Episode 5: Sitting in His Circle

    The Prophet ﷺ would often take a seat in gatherings that were small, informal, or just for fun. No matter what the occasion, he honored those present with his attentiveness and knowledge.