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Conversing With God

Conversing With God

Allah says, “Call upon Me, and I will answer you.”

We often hear that communication is key to great relationships. But how do we improve our communication with Allah? Al-Mujeeb, the Ever-Responding One, teaches us how to foster a beautiful relationship with Him: by making du’a. Some of the most powerful prayers we can make are recorded within the text of the Qur’an.

Join Sh. Omar Husain as he breaks down these du’as to help cultivate an intimate connection with Allah, develop a bond with His written Word, and learn the most eloquent ways to call out to Him for guidance and protection.

Conversing With God
  • Episode 1: Guide Us to the Straight Path

    Five times a day, we stand before God in prayer and—sometimes mechanically—ask him to “guide us to the Straight Path.” Why is this a part of our daily routine, and what are we really asking God with these words? God’s wisdom in preserving this du’a in our daily communication with Him has to do wi...

  • Episode 2: Pour Upon Us Patience

    When we first hear of the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job, or a personal calamity, it’s common for others to tell us to “be patient.” Patience is such an integral part of the way we live our faith that it has been preserved as a du’a in the Qur’an: "Our Lord, pour upon us patience, and...

  • Episode 3: Don't Let Our Hearts Swerve

    Once we find the Straight Path, staying upon it becomes a priority. And so we ask, “Oh Allah, do not let our hearts swerve [off the Straight Path] after you have guided us.” If we are continuously in a state of mercy towards others and vigilance towards ourselves, we may stay firmly upon the path...

  • Episode 4: You Did Not Create This in Vain

    Deep reflection generates gratitude and a better understanding of the world and our place in it. The Qur’an gave us a du’a to help us meditate on creation and, through it, grow closer to our Creator: “Our Lord, You did not create this in vain; praise be to You; then protect us from the punishment...

  • Episode 5: Avert From Us the Punishment

    Reflecting upon our relationship with this world is important to ensure our ultimate destination in the afterlife is where we want to be. God reminds us to be aware of ourselves in this world and conscious of the possibilities of the next, teaching us the words to protect us from demise: “Our Lor...

  • Episode 6: We Seek Refuge in You

    Satan, our greatest enemy, is invisible. This makes it easy to forget the threat that he and all the devils pose to us. How do we keep this constant threat in mind and remain vigilant? We can start by remaining aware of our own temptations and seeking refuge in the words of God: "My Lord, I seek ...