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Episode 3: Don't Let Our Hearts Swerve

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Episode 2: Pour Upon Us Patience

Conversing With God

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  • Episode 3: Don't Let Our Hearts Swerve

    Once we find the Straight Path, staying upon it becomes a priority. And so we ask, “Oh Allah, do not let our hearts swerve [off the Straight Path] after you have guided us.” If we are continuously in a state of mercy towards others and vigilance towards ourselves, we may stay firmly upon the path...

  • Episode 4: You Did Not Create This in...

    Deep reflection generates gratitude and a better understanding of the world and our place in it. The Qur’an gave us a du’a to help us meditate on creation and, through it, grow closer to our Creator: “Our Lord, You did not create this in vain; praise be to You; then protect us from the punishment...

  • Episode 5: Avert From Us the Punishment

    Reflecting upon our relationship with this world is important to ensure our ultimate destination in the afterlife is where we want to be. God reminds us to be aware of ourselves in this world and conscious of the possibilities of the next, teaching us the words to protect us from demise: “Our Lor...